E-Line Sun Station

Solar station (S.CH-150)

We bring to your attention the chain of electric stations adapted for climatic conditions of Kuwait and composed of the stations of the second charging level from 30 minutes and express charging from 15 minutes according to CHAdeMO
Standard (CHAdeMO, the stress is on “O” – a Japanese word).

At day time, station charges the vehicle from the solar batteries, in case when there are no vehicles, it gives electricity to the network, and at night period in case of charging it takes a necessary power from stationary accumulator or network, in this case, the total number of consumed electric energy will be less than received from network.

Charging goes with the help of plastic card, herewith charge can be both paid and unpaid. Automatically integrated controller follows after charging, informs about the level of charging, readiness and current characteristics of
the vehicle, also it conducts an automatic security and video monitoring of the station with possibility of transferring all the data about produced and charged electricity online to the central station control panel.

E-Line Sun Station

Connecting to the vehicle options Mode 1, 1 x single-phase socket (SСHUKO)
Mode 3, 1 x Type 2 «Mennekes» 63A
Mode 4 (DC) standard CHAdeMO, Combo2.
Measuring power Current transformers
Access Control Options a) RFID (ISO / IEC 14443A, ISO / IEC 15693)
b) Mobile phone (SMS, call)
c) Remote control
Data communication GPRS, RS485
Total power solar array 3 kW
Аmount of simultaneous users 4
Material / Color Composite aluminum panels
Degree of protection IP44
Nominal voltage 230/400 V
Rated current 250A
The AC frequency 50Hz
Power consumption 150 kW
Operating Temperature (C) -30 / 60
Safety Residual current device (RCD)
When you connect and after the consumption of current sockets are de-energized
All electrical parts are under vandal-proof hatches
Control voltage DC 24 V
Dimension (mm) 8000*7150*7000