The BYD e5 is an all-electric car manufactured by BYD Auto, and it based on the gasoline-powered BYD Su Rui sedan, launched in 2012. The e5 features a 65Ah lithium iron phosphate battery,(LiFePO4) capable of delivering an all-electric range of 220 km (137 mi), and a top speed of 150 km/h (93 mph).Retail sales began in China in September 2015. A total of 1,426 units were delivered in the Chinese market in 2015.


The BYD e6 is an all-electric compact crossover/compact MPV manufactured by BYD Auto with a range of 300 km (186 mi) according to the carmaker. Field testing began in China in May 2010 with 40 units operating as taxis in the city of Shenzhen. Sales to the general public began in Shenzhen on October 26, 2011, after over two years behind schedule (the original release date was in 2009). Since 2010 a total of 14,257 units have been sold in China through December 2015. As of January 2016, e6 units are operating in Colombia, Belgium, the U.S. (New York and Chicago), and the U.K. as taxis.

BYD planned to sell the e6 model in the US for US$35,000 before any government incentives. However, after re-scheduling the US launch several times, in October 2011 BYD announced that sales to retail customers were to be delayed at least for 18 months due to the lack of charging infrastructure. In May 2013, BYD announced that the e6 will be sold in the US only to fleet consumers for US$52,000, as the company will focus on electric bus sales in North America.

Special features are the range of up to 400 km (with 80kWh battery), a guaranteed cycle resistance of 4000 charge cycles and the fast battery charging to 80 percent in 15 minutes. Therefore, the cars are often used in vehicle fleets with large range requirements like taxis, police cars or car rentals.


A pure battery electric version, the Qin EV300, was released in China in March 2016. The BYD Qin EV is powered by a 218hp electric motor, and its battery pack is expected to deliver a range of 300 km (190 mi). Top speed is 150 kilometres per hour (93 mph). There are four versions of the Qin EV300, with pricing ranging between 259,800 to 309,800 rmb (~US$40,200 to US$47,900), before any applicable government subsidies and tax exemptions.